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Saint Patrick´s day !!!

Hi everybody. What do you know about Saint´s ?

Saint Patrick is a national holiday in Ireland. People celebrate it on March 17th every year in many English-speaking countries like the USA and Australia.

In Ireland, it lasts for five days and nights. It usually starts on March 13th and ends on March 17th with the St Patrick’s parade. During the festival, there is music everywhere. People dress in green, dance and drink beer. It’s great fun !
 It is a great event. Green is a very important colour on St Patrick’s Day. It is one of the colour of the Irish flag and it symbolizes the beginning of Spring. In Dublin, people drink green beer, In Chicago, you can find a green river and in Sidney, people eat green hamburgers !! Even dogs have got green hairs on St Patrick’s Day !


Saint Patrick was born in about 385 in Scotland. He was first a pagan. Then he was a slave in France. He lived in a monastery. He became a Christian and decided to convert people to Christianity. After a few years in Scotland, people sent him to Ireland. He became a priest. He set up schools, churches and monasteries in Ireland. The legend says he chased all the snakes from Ireland. He died in March 17th in 461.

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