terça-feira, 20 de setembro de 2011

More pictures

Now I´m posting more pictures about my students. They always like to post new information and create new things to the blog. Let´s take a look to the students.

This is Paulo, a nice student. He is very friendly.

This is Ana Júlia. She ´s very intelligent, she loves English.

This is Samuel. Some months ago he didn´t like to study English, but nowadays, he is learning a lot.

This is Carol. She is a good student, her blog is so beautiful.


These are: August and Peter. They are deciding what they are going to write in their blogs.

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  1. Bruno

    Un my last vecation,Iwend the beachweth,my famili I went to quanejá
    Isurim,Iplayedsports,I used the computer,Iwalkend on the send and Idah of fun!!!!


    Are my last vocation,Istwyed home.I get up lade,I use the computer,Islepp a led,I played soccer,I flas a kart and I relanle a bot hard quifon!!