terça-feira, 16 de agosto de 2011

Welcome back

Hi, my students !!!

 How have you been?
I had a wonderful vacation, I went to Canada with some students to improve our English.
I have been there for 40 days, we stayed in Vancouver.

 Now I´d like to know about your vacation.

1 - What did you do?
2- Where did you go?

I´m looking forward your answer.

4 comentários:

  1. hello teacher,half of my vacation I stayed at home and the other half went to Londrina, Parana to my aunt's house I was with my other aunt and my cousin, first time I travel without my parents and my brother can not stay away from them, I was 15 days it was a Ternor stay away from them (family), but otherwise it was great.

  2. Hello Teacher , On my vacation I stayed home and went to the beach when I was home I used the computer and wake up later

  3. 1 - What did you do?
    2- Where did you go?


    1-My vacations was fantastic!
    I see my friends and my parents and i don't needed study!!

    2- I went to the beach,I was to the movies with my friends,and stayed at home

  4. 1 - What did you do?
    2- Where did you go?

    hello Teacher,on my last vacation I went to the beach with my family.I went to Santos.